Roles and entitites

e-Commerce Specialist and Project Manager — Comworks technologies

In CWS I carry out the tasks of coordination, management and advice of digital projects and e-commerce. The variety of projects that I have carried out is very interesting because it allows you to build from the beginnings products from different sectors attending to the needs of the client. Also, I carry out the integral advice to the clients for the creation of strategies and development of web pages and, especially, e-commerce in areas of fashion, health and food. Among the most common tasks is SEO advice, inbound marketing, massive email campaigns, analysis of insights and interactions with the end user as well as the support for the implementation of e-commerce. Both in this position and throughout my career I have used agile methodologies, project management software (Trello, Monday, Jira) and collaborative tools on the internet (Google Drive, Slack, etc)

Digital Specialist, Strategy and social media manager — CyberPractices Foundation

CyberPractices Foundation is a think / do tank focused on social, cultural and ethical issues that arise from practices in digital and cybersocial areas. One of the interests of the CyberPracticas is to open social practices to digital spaces. Among the most common tasks is the creation of digital communication strategies, analysis of UX behavior and content architecture, web analytics and reports aimed at customers, team management, online methodologies advice or development of innovative content.

Social Media Manager and Community Builder — FUNED

University researchers create a socio-techie team to bring transfering projects between university and companies. In this case, we have developed an Ibero-american platform for university students and grant holders with more than 500.000 users. My task has been to create a community where students, professors and chancellors could freely interact in digital spaces.