Releasing Knowledge

Preparation of the “Releasing Scientific Knowledge” proposal for the “Science with and for Society” call for the European Commission program Horizon 2020. The project aims to identify relevant scientific practices experienced by informal learners — which nowadays occur mainly in digital spaces — to emerge the knowledge obtained and to certify the acquired skills for different purposes. The preparation for this proposal for the H2020 program of the European Commission focused on several axes:

— Preparation of the proposal according to the requirements of the program.
— Design and planning of project life for the next 3 years.
— Realization of the budget according to the peculiarities of the program H2020.
— Coordination and contacting with European partners of the consortium to involve them in the project (a total of 14 countries and 22 European institutions joined).
— Ensuring that the project is delivered on-time, within scope and within budget

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