Asturias 2019

Task and challenges:
— Creating a digital profile of the candidate.
— Digital strategy and content for website and media.
— Coordinating with campaign team, candidate, designers, coders and political team.
— Producing content, images, video and manage social media.
— Analyzing and producing social media paid campaigns.
— Managing media: Wahatsapp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Digital media strategy of a candidate for the regional elections in Asturias 2019. My job has been to prepare the candidate’s digital presence, web content production, social media management and social media campaign. I have also coordinated the team of designers and programmers of digital resources as well as the relationship with the campaign team in Oviedo.

One of the most important challenge has been to create an online community for somebody with no digital presence before. We have run Mailchimp campaigns, Whatsapp supporter community, managed press on Twitter, a more young community on Intagram Stories and Facebook updates.